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About Us

Unique Expertise and Sound experience 

Octopus Europe C.B is the head office for Octopus Europe, an independent trading company in the marine market in Europe and the surrounding territories. Using our expert knowledge we are available to offer our own independent designs and novel solutions to create new unique designs for steering systems with full consultancy and training on offer as required    

Octopus Europe - World class knowledge of  product design, management, training and marketing in the marine and commercial industry

  • Over 25 years experience designing and producing cutting-edge autopilot drive solutions for major OEMS.

  • Complete product solutions for all boat types in the leisure & small ships  market

  • Unique drive designs for simple installation

  • Integrated design ideas, versatile and easy to install

  • Customised products, compatible with all major autopilot brands

  • We are committed to continuous product development and improvement per the International Institute of Marine           Surveyors  (IIMS) of which we are a member

  • Certified with surveying diploma (with distinction) from Lloyds of London academy

  • Business studies to master degree level in strategy and marketing

  • Five years training experience as lecturer in process control systems world wide.

Professional Distributor

Our innovative product knowledge gives professional distributors / dealers the opportunity to offer the best solutions to their customers which gives added value to the installation and service supplied.


Boat Builders

Our highly experienced team can assist with solutions to boat builder production requirements including lean manufacturing techniques, and supply complete installation packs including all required parts and accessories. We work closely with Boat builders such as the Beneteau Group offering advice on steering system designs for OEMS.

We follow up with training and training aids for the work force from production line workers to MBA level management courses to build the required support and tacit knowledge to offer the complete hard and soft solutions for sustainability. 


Autopilot Manufacturers

Our highly experienced team can offer Autopilot manufacturers our personalized business model, where we provide engineering, prototyping and production support that is specifically designed to meet their needs, resulting in significant cost savings, increased reliability and innovation.

 2022 Octopus Europe

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