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Totally Out Of Sight! Unique autopilot drives for cable steered boats - a professional solution which replaces the existing manual helm with a manual helm/autopilot drive combination.

Type S & T Cable Dash Drives

Type T 1
TiltDrive 1
Type S 1
oc15suk10 2
Key Features

• Replaces existing helm

• Electronic clutch disengages for manual steering

• Rotary drive system

• Fits behind dash

• Safety override technology

• Current 1.25A typical, 5A max

• Includes installation bezel kit

• Optional rudder feedback unit mounts directly to drive


Peak Thrust              

Hard Over Time       

Peak Power             

Average Power


Clutch circuit Power Required

136Kg (330lbs)

12-15 seconds

5 Amps

1.25 Amps


85 miliamps

Space Requirements
type s dimensions 300.jpg
Optional Rudder Feedback Unit

One of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of autopilot installation is fitting the rudder feedback unit, ensuring that the geometry matches the full range of rudder movement.  The Octopus rudder feedback unit solves these problems as it mounts directly to the drive unit itself.


A range of RFBs to suit most common autopilot brands is available - click "Accessories" below for more information.

Order Codes
Type S&T order codes 1.jpg
Type S&T order Codes.jpg

Type S Behind Dash Drive - The Straight shaft drive unit replaces the manual drive used on cable steered boats and is mounted directly behind the dash. The drive is directly compatible with the Morse 290 steering helm but comes with its own bezel kit and can be retrofitted in most installations using the cable and steering wheel from the manual steering helm on the boat.

Type T Tilit Dash Drive - This drive unit replaces a manual Tilt drive and is mounted directly behind the dash, but still allows the angle of the steering wheel to be changed. It uses the front end from Teleflex SH91800 (not supplied).

Unparralleled Performance, Reliability and Durability!

We have been designing, manufacturing and marketing Autopilot Drives for over 25 years. We hold patents on several unique devices that enhance drive performance and supply drives to most of the Marine Industry's leading Autopilot Manufactures for resale within their autopilot packages. 

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