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Powerful, efficient drives for sailboats up to 30.5m (100ft) length, 29,000Kg (64,000lbs) displacement available in two mounting styles.

Hydraulic Linear Drives

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Key Features

RELIABLE – Professional design, built in Canada with 25 year plus track record sailing the world.

EFFICIENT – Inherent designs gives higher power and lower battery consumption.


LOW DRAG – LAU version offers more feel on the wheel than a standard hydraulic linear in manual steering mode


ADJUSTABLE FLOW RATE - Configure performance to suit your vessel

Specifications & Order Codes
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Performance Graph
Adjustable Flow Rate

A linear drive that does not have variable flow (unless dedicated to a range of yachts) will be operating either too quickly or too slowly in 90% of cases. Autopilot manufacturers get around this problem by adjusting the output to the pump to compensate. However, this either forces the pump to operate for longer periods of time which increases power consumption and wear on the parts, or the pump will operate at high pressure for short periods of time - also putting unnecessary strain and wear on the system.

Octopus variable flow reversing pumps precisely control the speed of the ram, reducing battery consumption, pressure, strain and wear on the hydraulic system.


Octopus offer a full range of powerful, low current consumption hydraulic linear drives designed for long passage making with a proven record of over 25 years. An independent comparison by the University of British Columbia when first introduced showed that Octopus piston pumps were three times more efficient than a gear pump and could be expected to halve the battery consumption when compared to a standard Gear pump, thereby often doubling the effective range of the autopilot while under sail. The drives today are available either with the pump mounted on the cylinder (LAM) or mounted separately (LAR) or as the novel reduced drag version in manual mode with the bypass mounted on the cylinder (LAU).

Unparralleled Performance, Reliability and Durability!

We have been designing, manufacturing and marketing Autopilot Drives for over 25 years. We hold patents on several unique devices that enhance drive performance and supply drives to most of the Marine Industry's leading Autopilot Manufactures for resale within their autopilot packages. 

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